I have been involved with the public all my life from being in the
RCMP, owning 3 insurance business plus other businesses, having a real estate
licence, (which I just let go because I'm too busy with the bed and
breakfast and the soap business).

I want to let you know that I was impressed with how you conducted yourself during that "cold call" at Across the Harbour Bed and Breakfast.

I found you very pleasant, well groomed for the job, very knowledgeable and

Lorne Felchle and Barbara McDougall
Across the Harbour Bed & Breakfast
485 Head Street
Victoria BC Canada V9A 5S1
Toll free: 1-866-474-7497



I'm writing in regards to Kathryn Tatchell Graham. I've had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn and talking with her at length about her life and her work experiences.

I've also seen first hand her successful handling of the marketing of ethical and green investments for Stephen Whipp of Berkshire Securities.

She is enthusiastic and creative and has a good marketing background.



Ina Timmer
Los Cabos Resort Services Ltd.
7915 Swanson View Drive,
Pender Island, BC
Canada V0N 2M2
250-629-3025 (phone)
250-217-7051 (mobile #)

"Resort Real Estate Consulting"



I have known Kathryn for about 10 years, and she has worked for me on two separate occasions - both times in a marketing capacity. During the periods that I have worked with Kathryn she has exhibited, honesty, infectious enthusiasm, a solid understanding of client/customer needs and wants and has offered advice on how to meet those needs and wants.

I have been in sales myself for a number of years and I would not hesitate, at all, in saying that I think Kathryn has all the skills and drive that it takes to make a top real estate sales person. She has superior listening skills and the ability to take what she has heard and put it into an action plan.

Stephen Whipp,CFP

Certified Financial Planner
"Matching Your Money To Your Values
-Investing For The Future"
Berkshire Securities Inc.
Suite 202, 1005 Broad Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 2A1
Ph. 250-405-3550
Toll Free 1-866-405-1988

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